Turning two.

In July, our sweet little Piper Lou turned two years old. I know I speak for each person in my family when I say, we are each so blessed that God gave her to us. She is beautiful, full of personality, a lover of chocolate and is not short on sass. This little girl is surely loved. On our family trip this summer, her mother asked if I could take a few pictures to commemorate the occasion. After three months, I’ve finally gotten around to sharing a few of THE MANY pictures I took. I tried to narrow it down to my most favorite, the ones that truly capture the essence of Piper.

Enjoy, friends.














Some days you come across a song, where there in lies those words that are soothing. You find peace in a melody or a harmony. I often feel that way about music in general. There are words and then there are words set to music. I relate so much better when I can sing it. I function better with music. It simply makes my world go round.

It’s funny how our quirks and mannerisms often remain but mature as you do. Even as a small child, I loved singing. My mom used to tell me that before bed I would beg her to make up songs to sing to me. She told me that even after she left, I would lay in bed and sing myself to sleep. As you can see I’ve always had a passion and a place in my soul for music. It drives me. Motivates me. Calms me. 


I love how we are each individually, fearfully and wonderfully made.

To my mother,

Now I realize I’m at risk of sounding like your liberal wayward child who moved to the ‘big city’ and went all left wing. You should probably expect to receive phone calls or messages from friends and family expressing their “concerns”. Have no fear, sweet mother, I still hold fast to my traditional, Godly values that you and my father instilled upon me. I did a little fun-fact checking after our last conversation and found a few things to share with the class…

I like to think that I am fairly intuitive, much like Karen from Mean Girls, I too possess the ability of prediction, ha ha ha! After my investigation via the world wide web, it is only natural that I came to the conclusion that this issue has the makings of becoming another Chick-fil-A debacle. In light of our recent discussion, I thought I’d provide a more sensible perspective for all of those that are swan diving off the deep end with this absurd notion to boycott Starbucks. Below, I have provided a list of some other company’s that also openly support the gay community:

Google, Barnes & Noble, Microsoft, Target, Amazon, Macy’s, Nike, Absolute Vodka and Tiffany & Co (to name a few).

Now Mom, you know that I obviously do not agree with these companies and their political stances. I would merely like to point out that if everyone is going to make such a spectacle out of not going to Starbucks, then there needs to be a reevaluation of the brands/stores/services most of those people are using in their everyday routines. When we start to think rationally and not with our feelings we realize that many of these have become staples in our family, work and educational routines. Two in particular have revolutionized technology, including medical software and equipment used everyday to save millions of lives.

Perhaps, it would be benefical to look beyond Facebook or Twitter for a more factual representation of such passionate topics. I would recommend reading the conversation in its entirety between that ‘lousy, good-for-nothing CEO’ and his fellow board member. Although this man is undoubtedly wrong, I for one am not going to give up good coffee because some idiot decided to run his mouth. I think we as a society would be in big trouble if we began making this a habit, because well, plainly put, there are a lot of men out there who like to run their mouths. [Sidebar: I haven’t become a man-hater either, men just often say dumb things.]

Instead of chastising a multi-billion dollar company through various platforms of social media, can you imagine what could be accomplished with the prayers of the 16,042 people who liked this group on Facebook. Lately, I feel like everyone is getting caught up in The Movement and the berating of simple minded men for their simple minded words. We should be focused more on the actual issues and the root of the problem. All of this talking, sharing, re-tweeting and liking is not actually fulfilling the deeper needs of our lost world. At the end of the day, we all just end up looking like a bunch of babbling idiots and drive away those who we are called to love.

So say what you will but I’m not afraid to shout it from the rooftops… I LOVE STARBUCKS! I love it, I love it, I looooove it! I do not plan to discontinue my patronage, rather I will stand beside these lost people and continue to love them as God loves me. I will support them, pray for them and do my best to exemplify Christ in the hope of positively impacting a single life. 

So I would like to thank you, mom. You have loved and supported me through every decision and mistake that I have made. You have shown me what is to love and while I have been forgiven that I am no less of a sinner than my neighbor. My prayer is that I will one day be able to instill these same wise and sensible values upon my own children.


Your Firstborn Daughter  

Change [verb]: to alter or become different.

Here we are, time has passed and I am back. As I examine the last few months, nothing is the same. I am living on my own, in a new city, I have a new boyfriend, new friends, a new job, NEW EVERYTHING. New new new… Lately, I find myself reminiscing over what has passed and I find myself missing that chapter of my life. Life is humorous that way; as a society I think we have grown discontent with what we have been blessed with. We never seem to be content in the moment. I look at my life and I have nothing to be ungrateful for, and don’t get me wrong, I am not. However, in moments of weakness, I long for that youthfulness and lack of responsibility. I will never be too old to miss my parents, my family home, that sense of security and being surrounded by love. This new part of my life has a lot of responsibility, unknown, and uncertainty. I am faced with the challenge of relinquishing my desire for control and whole-heartedly putting my faith and life in God’s hands. I have realized in these few short months, that these changes are not as a result to anything that I could have done. As I write, I am reminded once more of the sheer grace the Lord has continued to show me in my life and how despite my selfishness and often, a lack of gratitude, He still continues to bless me. I could not have chosen a more perfect job, wonderful coworkers, an adoring and thoughtful boyfriend, or perfectly located apartment if I had hand-selected them myself. I find beauty in this life that God has provided for me. He continues to demonstrate his love, gracefulness and generosity when I am least deserving. Before I was created, he had a plan. One designed to encounter specific people, face certain events and grow in a certain environment; all leading me to where I am today, transforming me into the woman that I have become. Although my path is uncertain, I am comforted in knowing that it has not only been laid out before me but I will never walk it alone. It is only human to fear change, to fear what is unknown but my prayer is that I never lose faith in the One who continues to provide for me. Thank you  to the incredible people in my life who continue to support me in more way than one. You get me through my days of weakness and unwelcoming doubt. I cannot begin to praise each of you for the countless things you have generously done. I hold each of you near to my heart.


i carry your heart with me
i carry it in my heart
i am never without it,
anywhere i go you go, my dear.
and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling.
i fear no fate for you are my fate, my sweet.
i want no world, for beautiful you are my world, my true
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

i carry your heart, i carry it in my heart

E.E. Cummings

Creativity Obstruction.

One of my favorite Holiday’s is upon us. Even though it is largely criticized by the religious community and participants chastised for participating in pagan activities, I love it for such a simple concept, and that is to play dress up. I’m that girl. I have been playing dress up since I was able to dress myself. I look at social events as an opportunity to try something new with my appearance. I spend hours trying on clothes for fun, creating new looks to be stored away for the perfect occasion. I believe clothing can transform you into anyone you want to be. With the proper styling and execution, one is often given a newfound sense of confidence which is important to have when wearing your new look.

Now this might sound ridiculous but I am constantly planning out outfits in my head. Not only am I creative but I am very visual. If I see a girl with cool style or a cute top hanging on a rack I immediately begin to envision how I can create a wardrobe masterpiece from that article(s) of clothing. My mind is a virtual closet filled with beautiful clothes waiting to be styled into the perfect look. When I purchase a piece I begin wracking my brain for just the right complementary article, I then bring it to life, sometimes tweaking it a bit, add some accessories and voila! Magic. It’s a gift, or a curse, I haven’t decided.

Now knowing how I operate, you will be able to understand why I sometimes get a little carried away when it comes to Halloween. My brain begins to be clouded with what/who I am going to be and how to flawlessly execute that look. I become so engrossed in finding the perfect pieces, I lose time, sleep and my brain become mush. Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit but you get my drift. Because of this, one could understand how painful and unsettling it could be for a person like me to not be able to come up with a costume. I just can’t and it is killing me. I have some mediocre ideas but nothing that screams genius like my previous years. Trying to compete with myself is extremely tricky. I’ve set the bar a little high with Hallows-past and now I’m having what one could only relate to as ‘writer’s block’ but in the costume creating sense. Sigh.

At the end of the day, I’m not worried. I know that I’ll pull something fabulous together. I leave you with the vision that is Julie Newmar as Cat Woman.She is something flawless and classy, which I like to implement in a great costume. Finally, I have an idea…


Seasons change.

         It’s that time, it’s the changing of seasons. Life as I knew it has changed so much since I was last on here. I’ve graduated college, pretty much everyone is married, some of them are having babies, I turned 25, got a new job, and as of late, quit my old job. Whoa. Pump the brakes. Yes, I am quitting my “college job”. I never thought this day would come. I’m proud of myself, it’s a big step. In a sense, this is me, manning up and making some bold moves. Most of you may think, “well, leaving a dead end job is not that bold.” Ladies and Gentleman, I am here to tell you that I am a creature of comfort. I like the safety and control of a familiar environment. I mean, don’t we all?

        This is me stepping out of my comfort zone, leaving behind the familiar faces and setting out on a new adventure. I’ve never been one to be scared of change, maybe hesitant or reluctant at times but I pride myself in having certainty. I hold the ability to make a decision and own it. It is present in all aspects of my life down to the the simple things, such as where to eat or how to style my hair. But with all of that being said, I enjoy change. It shows that there are still aspects of one’s self to discover and unravel, places to explore, people to meet and risks to be taken. Change is a sign of growth and I for one am not done with either. I welcome change. I welcome new friends, new adventures, new experiences, knowledge and life’s lessons.

         Though I welcome change, I hold tightly to the one’s that I love and the memories we’ve made. As each of us change, grow up and sometimes apart, I relish in the fact that I wouldn’t trade a single moment that has led me to where I am today. 

XO, Carla